Current Members

Suja Jagannathan Sujatha Jagannathan
Principal Investigator
Ph. D., Duke University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Phone: (303) 724-3309 CV   

Divya Kolakada Divya Kolakada
Graduate student (MOLB/BSP)
B.S., Rollins College
Phone: (303) 724-1651 CV 

Elizabeth Bonner Elizabeth Bonner
Professional Research Assistant
B.S., University of Denver
Phone: (303) 724-1651 CV 

Michael Cortázar Michael Cortázar
Postdoctoral Fellow
B.S., Valle State University, Cali, Colombia
Ph. D., University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus
Phone: (303) 724-1651 CV 

Alexander Applegate Alexander Applegate
RBISIP 2019 Summer Intern
Undergraduate student, Grove City College, PA
Phone: (303) 724-1651 CV 

You? Join us!
We welcome inquiries from enthusiastic scientists at all levels for the following positions:

  • Technicians/Professional Research Assistants
  • Graduate rotation students
  • Postdoctoral Fellows

    Please see our Join us page for more information


Hilary Hoffman
Professional Research Assistant (Jan - Feb 2018)
B.S., UC Santa Cruz
Current position: Clinical Research Coordinator at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Kate Matlin
RBISIP 2018 Summer Intern (Summer 2018)
Undergraduate student, Colorado College
Current position: Senior, Colorado College

Kimberly Callahan
MOLB Rotation Student (Winter 2018)
B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Current position: Graduate student, Mukherjee Laboratory

Arely Diaz
MOLB Rotation Student (Spring 2019)
B.S., The University of Texas at El Paso
Current position: Graduate student, Reis Laboratory

Michael Dyle
Postdoctoral Fellow (Jan 2018 - June 2019)
B.S., Grinnell College
Ph. D., University of Iowa
Current position: Evidence Scientist, Telos Partners LLC