Welcome, Thomas!

New MSTP rotation student

Thomas Forman is in the first year of his graduate study (G-1) at the CU Medical Scientist Training Program. Thomas will investigate the role of RNA toxicity in the pathogenesis of FSHD, with the long-term goal of understanding why the muscle might be a sensitzed tissue context for the pathological... [Read More]
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Welcome, Tina!

New rotation student

Christina (Tina) Piarowski is a first year student in the Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development Program. Tina will study the differences in DUX4-induced gene expression in the early embryo versus muscle cells, and how these differences might inform our understanding of FSHD. We are excited to have her with... [Read More]
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Laura awarded a supplement to our MIRA!

Laura Baquero, a PRA in our lab, has been awarded a diversity supplement to our MIRA by NIH/NIGMS to study how noncanonical translation events contribute to escape from nonsense-mediated RNA decay. Laura worked very hard on her proposal and we are so excited for her to have this opportunity! [Read More]
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Our lab turns 2 today!

Two years ago, today, our lab was a room full of boxes that I could barely walk into. Today, the lab is fully functional and we are doing the most exciting science I have ever done in my career. None of this would be possible without the wonderful people in... [Read More]
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