We are now NIH-funded!


It’s official! Our lab has been awarded a Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA/R35) from NIH/NIGMS to study physiological variability in NMD. It’s our first NIH grant, and we are super excited for all the awesome science this grant will enable. We have been celebrating in installments - with a lab... [Read More]
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Mike's last day

Mike Dyle is moving on to a new position

This is pretty bittersweet as far as lab news goes. Mike Dyle will be starting his new position as a Medical Writer on Monday at Telos Partners LLC, continuing to work in the muscle space. We are sad to lose Mike, but very happy that he found an amazing next... [Read More]
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Elizabeth joining UW MCB PhD program

After receiving several offers from excellent graduate programs, our PRA extraordinaire, Elizabeth Bonner, has decided to go to grad school at the UW MCB Program. [Read More]
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Welcome, Arely!

New rotation student

Excited to welcome Arely Diaz, a first year student in the Molecular Biology Program to the lab for her 3rd rotation. Arely will investigate aberrrant translation in FSHD during her time in the lab. [Read More]
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