Elizabeth joining UW MCB PhD program

After receiving several offers from excellent graduate programs, our PRA extraordinaire, Elizabeth Bonner, has decided to go to grad school at the UW MCB Program. [Read More]
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Welcome, Arely!

New rotation student

Excited to welcome Arely Diaz, a first year student in the Molecular Biology Program to the lab for her 3rd rotation. Arely will investigate aberrrant translation in FSHD during her time in the lab. [Read More]
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Mike awarded an FSH society Postdoctoral Fellowship

Mike Dyle, our postdoc, has been awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the FSH Society to support his work investigating the molecular consequences of reduced RNA quality control in FSHD. Congrats, Mike! And many thanks to the FSH Society for the support! [Read More]
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Welcome, Kim!

New rotation student

Kimberly Callahan is a first year student in the Molecular Biology Program. Kim will look into how certain stop codon contexts affect RNA and protein stability. We are excited to have her with us for the next couple of months! [Read More]
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Welcome, Michael!

New postdoctoral fellow

We are excited to welcome Michael Cortazar to the lab as a new postdoctoral fellow. Michael comes to us from David Bentley’s lab. During his Ph. D. work, Michael studied premature Pol II transcriptional termination. In our lab, he will focus on premature translation termination and NMD. [Read More]
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