First MSTP student!

Thomas joins the lab

Thomas Forman has officially joined the lab and will be our lab’s first MSTP student. He will be working on understanding the role of RNA toxicity in FSHD, among other things. We are so excited for all the amazing science we will get to do together! [Read More]
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Welcome, Cameron!

New summer intern

Cameron Ortiz is a Junior in the BS/MS Bioengineering program at CU Denver. In his second year, he worked as a student assistant in the Neurology clinical trial department on neuro-degenerative diseases. He hopes to pursue graduate research in genetics and cell biology of FSHD in the future. [Read More]
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Welcome, Thomas!

New MSTP rotation student

Thomas Forman is in the first year of his graduate study (G-1) at the CU Medical Scientist Training Program. Thomas will investigate the role of RNA toxicity in the pathogenesis of FSHD, with the long-term goal of understanding why the muscle might be a sensitzed tissue context for the pathological... [Read More]
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Welcome, Tina!

New rotation student

Christina (Tina) Piarowski is a first year student in the Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development Program. Tina will study the differences in DUX4-induced gene expression in the early embryo versus muscle cells, and how these differences might inform our understanding of FSHD. We are excited to have her with... [Read More]
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Laura awarded a supplement to our MIRA!

Laura Baquero, a PRA in our lab, has been awarded a diversity supplement to our MIRA by NIH/NIGMS to study how noncanonical translation events contribute to escape from nonsense-mediated RNA decay. Laura worked very hard on her proposal and we are so excited for her to have this opportunity! [Read More]
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